Top Sports Bars in Philadelphia
Philadelphia has had great sports success over the last few years. This momentum directly resulted in a rise in Phillie fandom. It’s fun and exciting to be part of a winning tradition. Mainly because there’s nothing better than witnessing the Phillie Special or a late fourth quarter comeback by the 76ers. Well… almost nothing better… throw in delicious food and a perfectly chilled beer and there is absolutely nothing better.

If you’re not cheering on your team at the Wells Fargo Center or Lincoln Financial Field, then you need to get yourself to one of Philadelphia’s legendary sports bars. From legendary cheesesteak sandwiches and classic pub food to unbelievable craft beer, Philadelphia has one of the best sports bar scenes in the world.

The only question is, which one is right for you?

Everyone has their way of experiencing sports. Whether they’re looking for an electric crowd atmosphere that has them standing and shouting or they want a fun, family friendly environment to watch and talk and relax, finding the right sports bar is an art form.

The search isn’t easy. There are thousands of spots in Phillie to choose between. Hesitancy and uncertainty are understandable with so many choices. Luckily, this article has you covered.

The Best Sports Bar for every Type of Fan

  1. The Energizer
    XFINITY LIVE! Philadelphia
    You couldn’t get a ticket to the game, but you need the ruckus crowd. Well, go no further. XFINITY Live! Philadelphia provides the atmosphere of live sports with all the hospitality of a local pub. The million-dollar Sony LED high-definition television brings the game directly to you. Plus, the staggeringly high-quality surround sound system will have you fully immersed from tip off to the final horn.Noteworthy Mention: There are a few different restaurants, but a BBQ burger from Blue Moon Bar always hits the spot.
  2. The Tailgator
    GarageHaving a fun time is just as important as watching a good game. Tons of televisions and a massive canned beer selection makes Garage a great place to watch the game. But it’s the other amenities that give it a place on this list. If you’re less enticed by watching every sack, or slap shot, or fade away jumper, and more enticed by gathering with your friends and having a good time, then Garage is the place to be. Skee-Ball, a pool table, and two pinball machines give you options to challenge your friends and have some fun all while the game is still in view.

    Noteworthy Mention: The continually rotating food cart vendors promise delicious, excitingly new food options every time you go.

  3. The Soccer Enthusiast
    Fadó Irish Pub
    Every sport is played Fadó Irish Pub’s large TVs, though they prioritize soccer. If Fútbol is your sport of choice, you must give Fadó a try. With an authentic pub aesthetic, the bar is cozy and inviting while providing the wild nature of Irish fandom.Noteworthy Mention: The best part of Fadó Irish Pub is that it’s uproarious at all hours. Sports are played much earlier because of the European time difference. Often leading to customers combining breakfast and beer (Or a Bloody Mary if it feels too early).
  4. The Sports Bar of all Sports Bars
    Locust RendezvousSometimes you want the quintessential sports bar. That sports bar that you’d use to showcase exactly what a sports bar is. Locust Rendezvous is that sports bar. Signature wings and a particularly kind drink specials menu have built this place into a local treasure. Plenty of TVs make it easy to watch from any table and the lively atmosphere adds excitement to any game.

    Locust Rendezvous puts it best on their website, “[we’re] a bar’s bar, no theme required. Just a place to come in and get lost for an hour or two.”

    Noteworthy Mention: Locust Rendezvous claims to have the coldest beer in town. A claim that seems to be correct. With a good selection on tap and wide array by can, there’s a beer for everyone.

  5. The Family Man
    Craft HallSports give us connection. Fandom is past down through the generations. Craft Hall provides the beer and sports atmosphere in a family friendly environment. If your kids want to hang out with you and watch the game, awesome! If they want to go hangout in a cool, indoor playground with a jungle gym Skee-Ball, and video games, that’s an option too. No matter what, Craft Hall is an opportunity to build great memories while watching the Phillie teams you love.

    Noteworthy Mention: The food is absolutely delicious. The in-house bakery, smokehouse, and brewery help elevate Craft Hall to one of the best sports bars in the United States. If you don’t have kids, maybe consider befriending someone who does, just so you can try this food.